Interested in having your work published in 24hr Neon Mag? Well you clicked the right button! Not that it was hard to find. It said “submissions,” after all.

You can email us your work at, or, if you prefer, submit it through this Google form!

Take a look at some of our more recent submissions below:

Submissions policy

We are looking for work on the cusp, on the edge of the liminal, so give us something surprising! Simultaneous submissions are def allowed but please let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere (so we don’t infringe on any other other publishers rights or step on any toes). If it has been previously published or if it is a translation, it is your (the artist’s) job to secure the rights to the work before submitting it and to let us know. We ask that you give us a shout out and link us if you decide to re-publish something that originally published here. By submitting your work here you are giving us permission to use your work on our website or future print publications with proper accreditation going to the creator of that work (you!)

If you change your name/pronouns/bio/other information about yourself after submission or after publishing please reach out and give us the link to the work and we will change it as soon as we possibly can.

We do NOT charge for submissions!!! As such we do not yet have the funds to pay for published work, but if you want to donate to us so we can pay for published work please reach out.