Here’s the thing: making stuff happen apparently costs money.

We can't say it enough... everyone deserve to be paid for their work and we want to be able to pay the artists we work with as soon as possible.

We strive to be an inclusive space for people of all pay brackets and classes, but we understand that not everyone can afford to donate towards operating costs and artist payment. If you can afford to donate any amount towards funding our magazine, though, it would be greatly appreciated. We recommend $5, but we won't say no to a few million either! Truly, any amount helps.

It takes $30 a month to cover all of our current operating costs and $90 a month to pay artists for their published submissions. If we don't gather enough, the editors of 24hr Neon Mag still have to cover all of the (surprisingly many) expenses that come with running an online publication, so your donations help us continue to make our magazine possible!

If you’d like to donate, you can do so through our Patreon, where our monthly donors will be getting a few special treats from us!

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