You are a sound to me by Elisabeth Horan

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You are a sound to me

by Elisabeth Horan

A slipping 

in my ears at night

Such ennui 

Incant the stars

A burn, a numbing, this

Absent minded


Listening for that Victorian 

Rush, dwarfing into you

Far and wide I hunt 

Never subtle, I'm whispering:::

I've a call

I'm only 30

Knee-drop I do

each falling day

And Aging is the rout, 

the rut~~~

Why wouldn't I fly

In??? pore and lip-lock

To your bedside...

Ascertain a scent of

Escape and heed;;;

Await a fervent

Demi-God; e.g. my parasitic

Need for 

Hands, your tender




Why wouldn't I

Die to come,

To lurk--thy 

fabled purse,,,


---When they reach

A woman's navel

They only know to

Work work work---


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Elisabeth Horan is an imperfect creature from Vermont advocating for animals, children and those suffering alone and in pain - especially those ostracized by disability and mental illness. Elisabeth is EIC at Animal Heart Press and Poetry Editor at Anti-Heroin Chic. Elisabeth also glides along as Co-Editor of IceFloe Press, with Robert Kenter, in Toronto.

She recently earned her MFA from Lindenwood University and received a 2018 Best of the Net Nomination from Midnight Lane Boutique and a 2018 Pushcart Nomination from Cease Cows. She has books coming out in 2019 with Fly on the Wall Poetry Press, Twist in Time Press, Rhythm & Bones Press and Hedgehog Poetry Press. You can witness her reading May 1 at Pen and Brush, Manhattan, and June 15 at Knife Fork Books, Toronto. She'd very much love to see you there <3

Follow her @ehoranpoet  &

(Pronouns: she/her)