Square Café by James Croal Jackson

futurism final

Square Café

by James Croal Jackson

over pancakes we talk heavy locomotive engine

steam billows out this whale blowhole this

top of mind wisp say something anything

wrong always sugar sweet the stacks 

I want to speak doesn’t connect you eat

a hole through final pancake as to 

puncture the flour we had bloomed

over the last year and half eternity

we could lose in the vast distance

across the table cerulean walls

surround us in new distance

enclosed and suffocated open

air a quiet din to gorge last

bites by window sunlight

your blue marble eyes I

can’t meet halfway




James Croal Jackson has a chapbook, The Frayed Edge of Memory (Writing Knights Press, 2017), and poems in or forthcoming in indefinite space, *82 Review, and Reservoir. He edits The Mantle (themantlepoetry.com). Currently, he works in the film industry in Pittsburgh, PA. (jimjakk.com)   

Pronouns: (he/him)