Postcard Playlist 5/13-5/19


This is the playlist that started it all. My fascination with theme oriented playlists that are so limited they can all fit on the back of a postcard. I originally called this playlist simply “Water,” so I think it’s found a good home with this week’s theme of Diving. Each of these songs is about what I have described to friends as “bad things happening in the water.” And it’s true. We start off with LCD Soundsystem’s “how do you sleep?” which sets an eerie yet enticing tone, before we jump into songs like “Next of Kin” by Alvvays, which very explicitly describes what it feels like the moment someone is taken by water. Most, if not all, of these songs, are things you could listen to or dance to and never know that lurking under the surface is something terrifying. Much like diving into the water. You never know what you’ll find beneath the waves.