Postcard Playlist 3/11-3/17

"Divano, seoffale, e stipetto" by Guglielmo Ulrich

since this week is all about the artificial, our postcard playlist is going to focus on that classic instrument: the synthesizer. it forms the backbone of so much of today’s music that i wanted to pick out a few songs, which all use particular sounds i think are stunning.

we start off some gorgeous and full bass sounds on infinite bisous’ “The Past Tense,” which we swap out for the beautiful, stuttering organ-ish sound that fills in the background of Jimmy Whispers’ “I Get Lost in You in the Summertime.” then, we get to hear a big, beautiful, honking bass in Telekinesis’ “Sleep In,” which truly makes the song.  after that, we move on to a recent favorite of mine: Grapetooth’s “Trouble,” which has this lead synth that always sounds like its out of tune with its own harmonics. an absolutely stunning debut single. finally, we close out with Mild High Club’s “Homage” and Generationals’ “Lucky Numbers,” both of which have gentle, yet crisp, synthesized sounds swirled into their very essence.

i hope you all like the sounds as much as i do! enjoy: