Postcard Playlist 1/28-2/3

"Female nude reclining" by Auguste Rodin

As we all age, with our childhoods diminishing behind us, we look back at those times when we were young. We build our sense of self from those fleeting, ephemeral moments that we hold up bright in our minds, and every time we remember them they distort just a little bit more. Hit play on this week’s “Youth Retrospective” playlist, and taste chrysanthemum tea lingering in your water bottle from years ago and depending on the day you might be treading the streets with a too-wide smile or wanting to tear up old ticket stubs. Either way you won’t regret it.


Youth Retrospective playlist: Photos from When We Were Young by Nana Grizol, Too Young to Burn by Sonny & The Sunsets, So Young by Portugal. The Man, Diane Young by Vampire Weekend, Young by Frankie Cosmos, Die Young by Max Frost