IN THE YEAR XX89 by Sheena Carroll



We are constantly quivering masses of fat, salt, and electricity. In our neural networks, we share memes like,

“Remember the days when you could file a missing person’s report?”

Like those were the good old days, a broken novelty. Have you watched Unsolved Mysteries recently?


Robert Stack has ascended. He throws on his trench coat, turns away from us, and enters the fog that has enveloped this planet. The fog makes every place at any time of day look like a low-budget ‘80s noir.


Have you ever watched a soap opera and thought, something doesn’t look right? It’s not that it looks cheap, but it does looks cheap because it looks like you can put your hand through the screen and touch his dry skin or her velvet sweating/jarring. Filmed at 60 frames per second, this dream looks too real. We prefer our entertainment at 24 frames per second, and our reality flipped upside down and then right-side up and then replayed in our minds over and over again until we can’t remember what is real. All we know is that we feel really bad about it.


In the new old days, nobody is missing because nobody can remember where they last were or who they were last with. Reports are a luxury that the trees can’t afford, all those paper files in cardboard boxes in wet concrete warehouses that dot the muddy plains. The fog is so thick, that it is not unheard of for people to crash right into them, like they never existed.



Sheena Carroll (aka miss macross) is a Pittsburgh-based writer who enjoys taking naps. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Philosophical Idiot, FreezeRay, Sad Girl Review, and others. Her first chapbook, MISS MACROSS VS. BATMAN, was published by CWP Collective Press in 2018.

(Pronouns: she/her)