I would write you a letter


I would write you a letter (Feb 2019)

What is the difference between a love poem and –

I have you on a string

Missing me like a rope misses a knot 

I can smell you between the pages of each book 

You draw me into those same pages 

Which could have been my younger self

Disintegrating into words just as quickly as I could–

I am collecting at least 65 songs each month

Tracking, step by step, bedside candy rotting on a dirt road 

A ship is a ship is a boat

And I should have failed out of sailing school 

So scared to capsize when everyone else would so easily 

Plunge into the bay, gleeful as they climbed over the hull 

I’d rather be inside watching divers on the television 

Small and cornered, hanging from the ceiling or –

I wish I knew what words you cut off

But I think they would have tasted like amaretto and cranberry 

Standing under the world