HIGH EROSION by Gareth Culshaw



by Gareth Culshaw

The grass is covering the mountain like icing draped

on a cake. The odd thumb of rock hangs onto 

the daylight. Fence posts lean to the floor held 

together by barb wire, like the love that spines 

a broken family home. Telephone posts sink, 

their voice tunnels sagging, lost hope like a forgotten 

washing line. Higher ground shrinks from the horizon. 

Farm buildings lose stones like teeth in an ageing 

mouth. Everything is fading. Becoming a photograph 

on a wall in an empty house.



Gareth Culshaw lives in Wales. He had his first collection out in 2018 by Futurecycle called The Miner. He has his second out early 2020 called Shadows of Tryfan. He is an MFA student for Manchester Met.

(Pronouns: he/him)