First Christmas Together by James Croal Jackson

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First Christmas Together

by James Croal Jackson

your family sits atop a graveyard

I recall my Catholic upbringing

its subsequent tumble through adulthood

wringed out through cigarette smoke

the last time I felt like a pothole was

the gym last week the oceans of muscles

lapped with saltwater oozing out of bodies

or maybe at work I am new always

on the purple carpets asking

every authority how to be zen

page ends with staples scattered

beside the fluorescent printer

with your family I guzzle and mix each type of

sparkling glass and dark concoction offered until

my quiet disappears and my rambling becomes

a kind of buzzing within the hive of the room


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James Croal Jackson has a chapbook, The Frayed Edge of Memory (Writing Knights Press, 2017), and poems in or forthcoming in indefinite space, *82 Review, and Reservoir. He edits The Mantle ( Currently, he works in the film industry in Pittsburgh, PA. (   

Pronouns: (he/him)