Clear Water


Look. I don’t think about this all the time and I don’t know why it came up but it did. It was that thing about swimming in clear water. Do you remember? Yeah I mean like when I was young I remember all the times that I nearly drowned myself in the Caribbean because the fish was you know just so close. It never was though was it? But yeah it came up the other day. I was walking down a sidewalk and I keep mentally populating the street with Bushwick but I think it must have been Park Slope because I think it was on Monday. It could have been on Sunday but I would have had company and I don’t think there was anyone there besides the two of us. Maybe I’m wrong in that but I can’t imagine discussing drowning with three people, myself included in that three. Actually I totally would have but it just didn’t come up. Sometimes those things don’t. So we were walking down the sidewalk and it must have been Park Slope with those wide streets and shady trees. It was the first time I had been in a car in a while but we had already gotten out of the car by then. While we had been in the car it was all open windows and drifting music. I remember wishing for a scarf to tie over my hair like I was in the 1960s and possibly an Italian movie. It was so warm that day that my shirt was sticking to my back or actually it wasn’t that it was sticking it was that it was crinkled and lined. Somewhere between steamed into pressed lines and ironed there by the seat of the car. The first place we tried to park was a school administrator spot but that was probably for the best so we could find that street that we did end up parking on because the trees were much nicer and the road was much wider and the shade made the world look green even on a summer day. I can say it was summer because it felt like it. And that's all there is to it. I've seen summer days much earlier in the year than this. Especially when I was young and in DC and the cherry blossom festival would call my cousins out from the west coast and our ice-cream would melt before we ever got a chance to lick it and I would walk around with a dozen strange braids dangling from the crown of my head. I can still remember the way those pictures looked despite not knowing the last time that I saw those photos. I got off track though. I wanted to note the paddle boats. I think we talked about those too. That day in Park Slope. Something about ducks in paddles instead of rows. And all row homes being paddle homes unless they had oars and could take off to sea with the candle maker or the baker. I can remember laughing. But I can also remember sitting at a diner and wishing that the windows would open because it was so much prettier out there and then wishing we were on a quieter street. Asking each other where we would rather be than right there and both having answers for it. We were both wishing for the water. Not both the sea but it is such a better word than water so let's pretend we both wanted the sea. If lakes are seas and gulfs are seas and rivers are seas.