breasts by Katie Simpson




my grandmother’s 

christmas present

a cream color bra

thin elastic  

unable to cover me

from all those eyes



i dreamed of beauty

a disappearing waist 

a bountiful chest

to fit inside their eyes

like a fairy godmother

hormones arrived

as my ever after 

swelled forward


so i discovered 

how eyes could lose me

to my own skin


in my chest i remember

R’s envy

L’s horror

S’s surprise

as i shopped 

36 D 34 DD 32 F


each time i wanted to explain

the weight of dreams
of a gaze

that will never hold you


but there was never 

any space to speak

my chest had taken it all



in my bed’s cocoon

he wore my bra 

as large white eyes

turning his face alien


i laughed even as 

my everyday needs 

became a stranger

and a question lingers

what was it like 

to feel me spilling 

through his fingers?

was i everyday exotic?

or was i 

could i have been




Katie Simpson (She/her) is a writer and photographer based in San Francisco. Her work has been featured in Quiet Lightning, THAT literary review, HitRecord's Body Book, and Entropy Magazine. When not writing, she loves traveling and people watching. Her Twitter is:

(Pronouns: she/her)