Blood flower by Elisabeth Horan

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Blood flower

by Elisabeth Horan

I swing into the new phase

Manic moon is chicken shit

Runs like a bitch the corner

Of my bit lips blood flower

It's a ripe crackling thing

Black petals make men 

Sing. Make women mad

As rabidity. Me raccoon-

Eyed eating garbage

All night. I like sticky

Eggs and things, runny

Yogurts and vile accreditation

Of the spousal hegemony.

University lies like a 

Broom between her legs

And yet I let it in. It

Fucks me every single day.

Back to the flower, the ureic

Acid, heady tempt

Blood swipes the thorn

No one feels my sliding down

Crown upon my girdle

Barbed wire cuts it's

Green lawn, they are golfing

Upon and the eagle is my

Bastion. I gobble it up

Bury all the men in my ground.


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Elisabeth Horan is an imperfect creature from Vermont advocating for animals, children and those suffering alone and in pain - especially those ostracized by disability and mental illness. Elisabeth is EIC at Animal Heart Press and Poetry Editor at Anti-Heroin Chic. Elisabeth also glides along as Co-Editor of IceFloe Press, with Robert Kenter, in Toronto.

She recently earned her MFA from Lindenwood University and received a 2018 Best of the Net Nomination from Midnight Lane Boutique and a 2018 Pushcart Nomination from Cease Cows. She has books coming out in 2019 with Fly on the Wall Poetry Press, Twist in Time Press, Rhythm & Bones Press and Hedgehog Poetry Press. You can witness her reading May 1 at Pen and Brush, Manhattan, and June 15 at Knife Fork Books, Toronto. She'd very much love to see you there <3

Follow her @ehoranpoet  &

(Pronouns: she/her)