At the Library

"Death on the Battlefield" by Stefano della Bella

At the Library (Fall 2018)

I cried last night and he didn’t notice for the longest time

Perhaps, because earlier

I defined intimacy as letting someone see

There have only been two

And he isn’t one of those

Nor will he ever be

And that is ok

So long as there is someone holding my hand on the fire escape

And I don’t have to let go

What even is an ending

Is it driving off into the sunset

Playing music you’ve heard a thousand times

Endings always seem false

Because the lives of characters continue after the last scene

And the curtain call

He said that he was accommodating

As we entered the bar he knew I would like better

The drink tickets were a stegosaurus and a t-rex

He never had a dinosaur phase

I had so many that I never got over

And I was melancholy loud enough that for the first time he saw it

Despite saying that I am the type to always smile

That’s how I knew he had never met me

There is only continuity

The fast paced tread into new roles

And if there was an ending

It would be just as heartbreaking

As never knowing where you stand

I’m not going bloom too crazy extra

Not tonight

Not tomorrow either

But somewhere out there there is a video of me

And I am reaching my hand out so slow

Right toward the screen

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