ANIMALS by Gareth Culshaw



by Gareth Culshaw

She thinks of animals now,

stroking fur and feeding lips

with bottles of milk. Her joints

are still undecided, hiding pain

in her eyes. The animals give her

something to be proud of, listening

to their hearts as she cradles

or holds each one. Her pen follows

the teacher’s lips like smoke after

a steam train. She has come back

to us, after a summer of no light. 

Hibernation was even mentioned.

I see the sunrise in her cheeks, with

every smile. I hear the wind

in her throat, as her words brew, 

and fly around our home.



Gareth Culshaw lives in Wales. He had his first collection out in 2018 by Futurecycle called The Miner. He has his second out early 2020 called Shadows of Tryfan. He is an MFA student for Manchester Met.

(Pronouns: he/him)