ANIMAL by Sheena Carroll



You know, I used to look at liars as pitiful people,

as movie villains, as failures unworthy of happiness.

You say, “I don’t think dogs like me anymore,”

because they ignore you when you try to pet them. 

I joke that it’s because they can smell the evil on you.

You recoil/reply, “That really hurt,”

but I was joking, and this is all a joke (right?) and

at least the cat at this party seems to like you and

maybe that’s because cats don’t give a shit

about anyone but themselves. 

I say, “I want to be that cat,”

and you twirl my hair around your fingers 

until you get caught in my knots.



Sheena Carroll (aka miss macross) is a Pittsburgh-based writer who enjoys taking naps. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Philosophical Idiot, FreezeRay, Sad Girl Review, and others. Her first chapbook, MISS MACROSS VS. BATMAN, was published by CWP Collective Press in 2018.

(Pronouns: she/her)