A photo in which the model is coated in honey

"The Three Graces" by Claude Mellan

A photo in which the model is coated in honey

Honey honey honey honey honey

Can I just list the words that I both cannot say

And can be eaten

Devoured like children by witches

And aren’t we all witches anyway

If I like women, even if they scare me

But maybe that's because they are witches too

And will be able to tell that my magic is run down

Like my grandfather's pocket watch

I think I still have it somewhere

Maybe in one of the boxes stacked with the odds and ends

And I’m pretty sure that odds and ends is the name of a song

Or an album

I think I remember singing along with it

When I was too young to really feel real things

And thought that it was a problem that I didn’t cry

And now that’s all I can remember how to do

It's like getting back up on that bike

The pedals pumping saline

And plumping my lips

Better than any bee venom

No matter that it doesn’t sting as bad

And sometimes the sting is what I was looking for the whole time anyway

And so what if that's true?

So damn what