A Matter of Physics by Alexandra Kesick


A Matter of Physics

Alexandra Kesick

If I could pull my mind out of my ear

and remind it how people are,

that heat passes from hot to cold, and it will never be any different

(except in the smallest of probabilities, possibilities),

I would. 

breaking it open like an egg with garble falling onto floorboards,

I am separated from the thick protein tying it all together.

The crack has been there since I was born 

pulled apart by a wedge between flesh and bone.

I need to submit to the idea you are not a proven hypothesis

and I will remain experimenting.

I will try and prove what I thought was real, 

what I think might be the cause of your ways. 

It is a difficult subject: 

the thought that the extension of myself 

who has been labeled as a figure who overshadows

in blood,

is not in me,

just a part of some other dimension not of my own.

Separate, backs to one another,

solid and unremarkable.


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Alexandra Kesick grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York. She eventually migrated to the Boston area where she currently hoards a collection of fountain pens, enjoys journaling, and is the assistant editor for The Cantabrigian literary magazine. She writes a humble newsletter full of joyful things called Alexandra Weekly.

(Pronouns: she/her)