Keyhole by Ziggy Edwards

"Female nude reclining" by Auguste Rodin


by Ziggy Edwards

It's my prerogative while dumb and still young

to pull off dangerous feats such as biking

the park trail at night, luxuriating in

the new absence of a worrier at home.

"I see you," I tell a man's blur of plaid shorts

as I slow, and think it's the most comfort one

human can give another. Albino trees

in my wavering beam—I keep that keyhole 

on the path as best I can. I encounter 

only a cat-sized, seemingly three-legged

shape chimping across the gravel far ahead,

far enough to leave off my brake. It has been

an unaccountably hard day that found me

compelled to read those last emails, sifting for

insight—how could it happen, why am I glad?

So far, I choose the adventures I'll survive.



Ziggy Edwards is the proud owner of a loft bed. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her poems and short stories have appeared (or will appear) in publications including 5 AM, Grasslimb, Main Street Rag, Illumen, and Dreams and Nightmares.

(Pronouns: she/her)