i will never move on

"Death on the Battlefield" by Stefano della Bella

here’s a little song that nate fili and i improvised sometime over the summer of 2017. i’m on the ukulele, and they’re singing. i hope you like it, and that we get to make some more soon. you can click through to download and what not.



i think that i projected onto you 
it turned out to be true 
how prescient am i 
oh, what's the use 

i knew that i would love you if you 
if you stuck around 
i tried to convince you 
to leave the state 
move into my town 

i live in the city center 
all around me, endless winter 
sitting in my room, don't know what day it is 

wish you'd get your shit together 
but i do not mind the wait 
i don't have that much that's going 
i don't ever read into [?] 

break this off 

my friends told me, break this off 
but i don't wanna break this off 
it don't matter what's good for me 
it don't matter what's good for me 
it don't matter 

buried you in my mind 
i don't care that you're unkind sometimes 

i don't mind 
i understand 
your depression makes it hard to get in touch 
you're out of touch 
so out of touch 

met you on a whim 
a spirit too low, you said 
now i don't know what day it is 
and i don't care 

someday i'll go back to work 
and work out all the kinks in the cross-wires 

until then i'll just drink my sorrows 
i don't care how i feel tomorrow 
it doesn't matter 
i won't remember 
i hope i don't 

i don't feel sorry for myself these days 
it's better that way 
i don't get lost in thought 
i keep busy 

sometime i write letters to you 
burn them before bed 

not so great to me 
but i can't get you out of my head.


vocals/lyrics: nate fili 
ukulele/music: magnus, who lives in the basement